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Arilora com Reviews – Is It Matter of Losing Your Money?

Arilora com Reviews 2020

Arilora com Reviews – Is It Matter of Losing Your Money? -> This website offers a limited range of masks along with infection sterilizing bag kit and oximeter to protect against several types of diseases.

Still, wondering about buying face mask amidst COVID-19 issue and thinking of shopping from Arilora? Read Arilora Com Reviews before you decide to buy it from the site that will help to solve your questions. 

It is getting challenging to survive in today’s world full of infections and viruses and pollution too. Nowadays, COVID-19 needs no introduction, and this lethal disease is targeting more lives every single day.

However, amidst lockdown situation due to COVID-19 moving out from the house becomes risky and tricky. So shopping online for masks is the best and suitable thing to do. Arilora provides crafted and face fitting masks and some sterilization products to help keep safe from diseases and infections.

Arilora is a website in hype these days in the United State. But the reliability of this site about delivering masks at home is still under the question because of limited data of its reviews over the internet.

What is Arilora com?

Arilora is an online shopping website crafted to provide correctly fitting Maska besides some other health-improving equipment.

Arilora offers a range of ergonomic design 3D stereo profile face fitting and soothing masks. Properly fitting masks ensure a supportive fit not only for adults but for the elderly and children too. Besides, they also provide an oximeter and portable sterilization bag, which helps clean anything that fits well in it.

About the pricing, most of the masks and other available items are decent enough as per the use and need of it. However, the products are not being offered at cheap prices to raise any quality or authenticity doubts.

More about its specifications:

  • Website type- It offers a limited range of face fitting masks and oximeter and sterilization bag.
  • Shipping time- It might take 1-9 days for the processing of shipping and further receiving a product might take more 7-10 days excluding holidays
  • Shipping charge- It is charged as per the country however flat free shipping is available for ordering four pieces in one go
  • Return- Return and refund details not available
  • Exchange- No information available
  • Contact details of the website-


  • A form pops up through which a person can contact the portal after entering the asked details.
  • Payment method- Online using beet or credit card, and paypal

Is Arilora face mask a legit? 

Regarding the Arilora face mask legit concern, there are many doubts which arise while looking at the website like no contact details and phone number except the email id. Further, no details about return or refund or even delay of product is mentioned on the site.

Moreover, the reviews are too less to sound positive or negative on the internet for Arilora. So the question of being legit persists until tried on the risk.

Is it a good site for real customers or not?

Well, this question is tricky to answer in a yes or no. Because of the lack of some contact details and return or exchange policy raises some concerns. So not so customer-oriented crafted it appears as a shopping website.

But trying it out amidst lockdown if it really delivers can be of help else reaching the bank for finances has to be the only way to deal.

What are the benefits of Arilora? 

  • It provides masks and other products to help deal with disease spread control and promotes healthy living.
  • It provides face fitting crafted masks which is a good thing to keep safe and intact.
  • Free shipping option available upon buying four pieces in one excellent order.
  • Worldwide shipping is available which is right amidst COVID-19 situation.

 What are the disadvantages to shop from Arilora?

  • No clarity is available on return or exchange on the website.
  • There is no COD option available, so paying online is the only way.
  • No contact details of offline store or office to reach out in case there is no product delivery.
  • Minimal review data to confirm its credibility.

A concluding takeaway note:

Arilora can be considered for buying face fitted masks and other sterilization helping device kit. Although the quality and pricing appear decent but with lack of review data ordering from the website might turn out to be tricky for some. As to see the review it providing good quality material to protect our life by pollution & viruses. 

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  1. name Barbara carr made an order for 2 masks for $28.86 on 4-28-20 have not receive my order yet today is MAY 9-20 have not heard anything the company have no way to contact them would like my order or my money back . MONEY was withdrawn from my account

    1. I bought 4 mask on 4/29/20 and have not seem my order yet. Funds were also removed from my account. Contacting this site has been impossible. I will wait till the 20th of May and then report this company to my credit card company. I might not get my money back, but I can give them a bad review.

      1. FOX, I fully agree with you concerning this company. I too ordered 4 of these face masks in April 2020, paid $39.92 for the product and now it’s May 24, 2020, and no product. Plus, the seller’s name keeps changing but the advertisements are exactly the same. This is a fraudulent site so please alert everyone to NOT spend their money on items that they will never receive. Stay local as much as you can.

  2. I have ordered masks from this website and until now i have not received the products that i ordered. It is very hard to track the progress of my order. I have sent e mail to the contact and support at and NEVER got any response. There is no contact phone number to reach to check what happened to my order!!!

  3. I order two masks received only one when do I get the second one. How can I tract my order…

  4. Where is my order? Tracking through Tracking # 420933129200190252836000559756 shows that it is in the City of Industry awaiting USPS pickup. Info also shows that the merchandise arrived in the City of Industry at 7:54 PM 5/12/2020. That is several hours ahead of the current time of 13:30 PM.
    Order # DLZ200429-1310435

  5. I ordered masks spent 160.00 was pose to receive by May it’s been a month ! They will not respond to my emails. This is just wrong

  6. Do not buy from this Company! I bought 4 mask from this company which I never received. They don’t respond to my emails. I tried to track the order and tracking # is does not exist! They took my money and never delivered…

  7. I ordered 4 Masks from ARILORA.COM on April 24, 2020 and today is May 18, 2020 and have not received Nothing! I am so disappointed how this company can take advantage of innocent people just trying to make a purchase. ARILORA.COM has taken my money in the amount of $39.92 from my bank account thru Pay Pal Guest.
    I want what I ordered or my money refunded.

  8. I’m so sorry! My masks came today! All four of them. I apologize, please delete my prior comments.

  9. Hello

    I, too, Ordered and Paid for Two Masks….I have all of the Tracking Info. and should have received my items by Now!! I am completely upset, and have posted my discontent on Facebook as well !

  10. Poor poor customer service. received mask. tried on one an the ear strap broke. submitted request for replacement, 3 weeks ago. to date no response about solving problem. would not process another order based on what has happened.

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