Online Websites Reviews Legit [May] Are They Worth the Hype? Legit 2020 Legit [May] Are They Worth the Hype? -> In this article, you get to know about an online store to buy premium applications for free.

Are you looking to download premium applications for free? Get a look at

Now get access to premium versions of different Apps without rooting or doing Jailbreak. We found various websites from which you can download applications online. Applications can be free or paid. All can access open applications without any troubles since it doesn’t cost any amount to buy it.

Surely, you will have the doubt that is Legit to download applications online? Read this article until the end and get the nearest answer to your question.

Many websites are arising that are trying to provide the paid websites for free to its customers. But the risk of getting your data or information leaked is also equal when you download applications from such sites.

It is better to download the premium versions from the respective websites rather than choose an alternative if you don’t wish to get your personal information leaked better stick to the developers’ site for downloading the application.

It is in the United State that has the maximum number of app users. Other countries are also stepping forward to use applications for various purposes.

Paid applications cannot be use by all the people since the charges may be high for specific applications. Not all of us are rich enough to buy these applications.

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Is Legit?

First of all, the website has not mentioned any of its details such as email address, company’s address, or customer care number, which means the site is not accountable. It can use your personal information anytime it wants to.

No people have reviewed the experience with the website anywhere on the Internet. The site is also new to the online platform. The apps are not rated or discussed on the website.

A lot of scam websites are emerging nowadays to get your data leaked without your knowledge. Some people can easily hack your data and use it for their benefit even when you use the Internet to do surveys or to gather information. Your data can be used by someone else without any prior notice if you click on that particular link by mistake.

The website has been functioning for less than three months, so show we are not sure about the legitimacy of it.

What is is a website from where you can download premium versions of different applications for free without doing any Jailbreak or rooting your device.

The applications are compatible with Android versions and IOS.

Most of the applications are not delivering its premium version for free. With the help of the website, you can download those applications without any cost.

The website has been functioning for less than three months.

Specifications of

  • Products: Premium Applications
  • URL:

Advantages of downloading applications from

  • The website is having the extension as .net
  • People can get the free version of premium applications.
  • You don’t have to jailbreak or root your device for using premium applications for free.

The disadvantage of downloading applications from

  • The website can steal your data
  • We found no reviews about the website
  • The website has recently launched.

Reviews by the customers of

We found no reviews about the website online. Neither any report about the application can be found on the site.

A lot of websites are emerging, trying to sellthe premium versions of paid applications for free. But those websites cannot be trusted since they can steal your personal information.

The website has not also mentioned any of its personal information. The site is not trustworthy since it has not even provided its mail ID for contact purposes.

It has been less than 3 months that the site is functioning.

Final verdict:

The website has recently registered its domain. We found no reviews about the website anywhere. Many sites are emerging that tries to give out paid versions of premium applications for free. The ultimate aim of most of those websites is to steal your personal information.

Since we found no reviews about the website, we are not sure about the authenticity of it. Neither any personal information of the site has been provided by which the site can be held accountable.

Hence the site seems not to be legitimate. We would recommend you to get feedback from those who have already downloaded an application from it.

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