News Among Us (Jan 2021) Reveal its Benefits. Among Us 2020 Among Us (Jan 2021) Reveal its Benefits.>>This article is about one of the most popular video games in 2020 and its complete digital platform journey.

Among Us is the latest versions of multiplayer video games on the PC and mobile, has been launched by Apple. The game has already been explored in immense popularity and becomes one of the hit videos games in 2020.

The games Among Us was first released in 2018. However, it did not emerge as a big hit. First, the video game was streaming on Twitch service of Amazon by realizing that it would be a preferred game for this pandemic situation; it has been started restreaming this year all over the United State and some other parts of the globe.

This video game was developed by Inner Sloth, one of the small studies in Washington. Among Us has been downloaded nearly 42 million times on stream till the first half of September 2020. As per the further Among Us was downloaded approximately more than 85 million times on iOS and Android devices; as per the reports, this video game has become the top five video games in Apple stores in the United State since September. They have also informed that the game has been installed and opened over 160 million installs worldwide. The app for video games is available on the Google Play Stores and Apple Stores.

What is Among Us?

Among Us is one of the modern take-on classic social dedication video games such as Werewolf or Mafia. It is easy to access and play the game using the PC or Mobile (Android and iOS) devices. The users can play the Among Us game as crewmates. Also, they can accurately identify the impostors among them to complete the task to win. The users can achieve their victory by killing off their virtual crewmates or sabotaging the whole spaceship. The users have been chosen randomly by the game itself. 

This second-dimension cartoon-based game played on one of the three futuristic locations- space station, spaceship, and planet base. The two-legged crewmates run from one room to another of the chosen area, completing different simple tasks such as solving the puzzle, swiping their ID cards with each other, and so on.

Why is Among Us popular?

In the very initial stage, the game was available on mobile devices only. It was not available through the streaming option un till some months ago. This is why the game Among Us has minimal followers. However, Inner Sloth continues to update the game with the trendiest features based on the United State and worldwide feedback.

 The last two months after the Covid-19 spread, people become forced to be quarantined, and the game become of the significant participation to spend their leisure. Therefore, Among Us caught all the gamers’ attention and became the market-leading video game of Amazon. 

The final verdict:

The Studio Inner Sloth has declared that game has become the most popular game in 2020. In August, the studio announced that the game had begun its development in light speed and rich the mid-September plight. Among Us continues to grow its popularity for the sequel to maintain the original support’s focus. Are you a user of this video game? Feel free to share your experience with the game in the comment section below. 

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