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Analytice Club Reviews [May 2020] Is It Scam or Not?

Analytice Club Website Reviews

Analytice Club Reviews [May 2020] Is It Scam or Not? >> Read this article to get a clearer idea concerning an online website that sells dinnerware, women’s jeweler, and so on.

The Internet has transformed the technique of way we do shopping. Since due to the several benefits and disadvantages, a lot of the individuals these days want to buy stuff over online as per the conservative method of going into markets. If you are looking for quality products like jewelry, sunglasses, dinnerware, etc. then you must visit

This Analytice Club Reviews will give you every detail regarding to the online store and what products it has to offer its customers. Online shopping has seen a prosperous ever since the introduction of the Internet and smartphones. It gives its users the suitability of getting products brought at home on time.

Currently, Analytice Club has gained a lot of customers from the United States and is soon developing to be famous in other parts of the world.

In this Analytice Club Reviews, you will read more about the stipulations, benefits of the site, and offers of buying from this site. Go ahead and learn is legit or not.

What is Analytice Club?

Analytice Club Store is an online store that sells women jewelry such as earrings, bracelets, necklaces, etc., clothes, footwear, electronics, and lots more.

It is an e-commerce website that is committed to giving you the ideal deals on numerous products. With the best quality service and long-lasting pledge to their users, Analytice remains to upsurge while setting new objectives in delivering a more extensive selection of the very most beautiful products, quick shipping, and outstanding customer service.

While the website design remains simple and least and has a secure method, this safeguards customers who do not have to put in too much exertion to circumnavigate and discover products.

Benefits of Analytice Club

  • The website comes with an SSL certificate
  • This website has been established for more than 5 Years.
  • Cheap deals and discounted prices are accessible online.
  • The varieties on this website are astonishing. You can find almost all types of items that you are hunting for.
  • Prices are sensible
  • You can effortlessly exchange the item
  • Refund is easily done
  • All the products are designed with high-class material, which is comfy and wearable.

Specification of Analytice Club

  • Website: women clothing, accessories, and electronics
  • Shipping timeframe: 3-4 days
  • Delivery time policy: 1-2 weeks
  • Return policy: 30 days from getting the order
  • Contact: +1 8456360200
  • Address: 1527fruitland drBELLINGHAMWA98226
  • Email:
  • Type of payment- Debit card, credit card

Is analytice. Club legit?

Online price matches is an excellent way to guarantee you’re receiving the best deal. While the website might not sound like a scam, it is vital to give its reviews a warning before buying any product from here.

The top benefit is that the site comes with an SSL certificate. It means that all your communication on the site are encoded, and nobody else can make use of it. The images look blurry, but the website is legit. Every item displayed on the website has plenty of pictures and details of the product for a customer to comprehend the outcome.

What are the customers saying about Analytice Club?

The website does not give complete info and no customer reviews, making it an unreliable site. However, a lot of the information is contributed to you with the tested evidence and statistics. However, through other details from the Internet, there are not a lot of bad reviews related to this website. Customers who have done shopping from here have loved their product, and they are pleased.

Overall, according to the Analytice Club Reviews, Analytice Club offers exceptional custom products for its customers.

Final Verdict

Most of the people nowadays tend to purchase products online; it is quite simple, stress-free, and quicker. Consequently, it’s only natural that these doings is increasing more attention and wish for individuals to try it themselves. There is too much fraud happening in online shopping. Also, close examination is absent in online shopping.

Online shoppers do not always know if a site is an official retail store, and if it is not dangerous to shop. Replacing and shipping prices are often charged on returns. However, it is essential to see the exact products you wish to buy. Make sure they come into your position.

Each online shopping site has its benefits, specification, terms, and conditions. You, being the consumer, should be intelligent and put your hard-earned money where you feel it is legit.

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  1. Hello I just wanted to know is this website any safe is it OK to shop from there, would I be getting exactly the product described in their listing

    1. Just purchased a Brother Fabric Cutter advertised on their site about 8 mins ago I was smart to use a reloadable card for throwing away because I knew it was a huge chance of losing the money to a scam and that is exactly what took place and instead of taking the price of only $59 bucks , they took $70 and there’s no order listed and no confirmation email . I’m not sad over it I had to see for myself and I did just that!

      1. That website is 100% not only a scam but they will hack your bank account and drain it. I did not even purchase a product on their site however I did spend a lot of time browsing and looking on was very close to purchasing when I was alerted by my bank that almost $400 was taken for a transaction that I supposedly did I’m their website. Obviously I shut everything down and have reported it fradulent but just a heads up to anybody out there wondering I would not even look twice at their website. There are not a whole lot of reviews or anything that I can find really on this site or its authenticity and that’s another big thing if they were really offering these products at this price people would be going crazy over it and talking about it and we would find things when you Google their company. Good luck to anyone still wondering.

    2. This site was too good to be true but hey we all just wanna save some $$$. I ordered a cricut bundle on May 4, I recieved an order confirmation 3 days after I sent an inquiry. It’s May 22nd and I have yet to recieve a tracking number or any status on my order. I used paypal so I just filed a dispute, they are using gmail and outlook. Gmail account was for the paypal and outlook to send confirmation.

    3. No! Scam!! They have stolen my money and refuse to send me my product Nor will they issue a refund even though they said they would. Liars and thieves.

    4. No ma’am! It is a complete scam! Wish I had checked reviews before I ordered. They pretend they sent the items with tracking, no item. And they will not send a refund!

  2. I had the same question… I found on another review site, it said it was a scam. The domain was started 29 days ago.

  3. This “reviewer” has too poor grammar to be legit. I never trust reviews that are obviously non-English speakers using translator software. I wouldn’t trust Analytice as far as I could throw it.

  4. Yes it is a scam I lost $70 after order a I had no confirmation number when I looked on there for their phone number it was disconnected I should have did my research before ordering this is a scam do not order from this site I’m so disappointed because right after I called my bank and they told me they have to investigate to give my $70 back

  5. For once I think I will be smart and not chance being scammed. How can they sell a product that I have researched for day and the lowest legitimate price was $179 Analytice is advertising it for $50.95. If it sounds too good to be true it probably is a scam. Things certainly have changed in our world. It Is hard to trust anyone or anything.

    1. This site is a scam. The item said $65.00 with no shipping and handling charges.Do you know this dam company charged for card for $75.00. DO NOT IT ?

      1. Has anyone recieved there products bought? I ordered mine so far no luck I’m 3 weeks in. I’m giving in and contacting PayPal in a week If the shipping info doesnt change.

  6. I bought a scancut for 59 dollars and they got the exact money. I read in other website that it was a 100% scam I’m working with PayPal if in 2 weeks I don’t receive my item, I’m going to open a case with paypal. By 5he way they send me a tracking number, let’s see what happens.

  7. I just bought from them. I got a confirmation email but their customer service sucks so far. My billing and shipping addresses were switched around which of course is my own fault but I emailed them about it not even 24 hours later. They didn’t answer for days and when they finally did they totally ignored what I said stating “this is your shipping address”. I asked again and they have not answered but the day after it said that my package had been shipped with USPS. I had also asked them to just cancel and refund my order before they responded the first time and that was also ignored. I’ll update it if the package goes to the wrong addrsss anyway or if it ever even comes but my advice would be to just pay the extra with a different site. It’s not worth the frustration. Even more frustrating is if it does goes to the wrong place I won’t be able to return it considering the pandemic and I’ll have to pay if I do. Not even the seller who accepted the payment right away answered me. But yeah, this site should be an absolute last resort for what you’re buying in my opinion.

  8. I bought the brother unit as well. I emailed them to get a tracking number. Im pretty sure it a scam but i figured id give it a shot. They gave me a number and said wait a few days for it to update. Sounds sketchy.

  9. I ordered an item for a tracking number and have been tracking it now for about 3 days hopefully it makes it to me. I will keep you guys posted

    1. I ordered a cameo 4 and heat press bundle they sent me a tracling number when I recived the product today they had sent me 4 mask. I tried to call but the number had been disconnected. I sent them an email and I am filing with paypal as I did not get what I ordered.

  10. Me too but I did not get any confirmation email I have emailed them twice, I wanted to see if the website is legit, either way I will get my money back if it’s not even if I have to wai. That’s what I get for shopping at a to good to be true site.

  11. The phone number doesn’t work… I was going to order a Cricut maker for $59… this is a $350 machine on Amazon. If it sounds too good to be true, then it is I guess.

  12. I was going to buy something from analytice but it sounded too good to be true so I googled the company and found the address attached: 1527 fruitland dr,BELLINGHAM,WA,98226.. google that address and go to the BBB (Better Business Bureau) website. There are probably 30 companies attached to this address, which is a private home address by the way. Needless to say, I will NOT be ordering from this scammer jerk!

  13. My sister ordered a small Cricut and then In tracking the order found it coming from China. Well that was weeks ago and she got what she thought was her Cricut. She got 3 paper mask! This site is worthless and a scam.

    1. Oh fuck these guys. I want to report them but I dont know how yet. Bought a rosin press for 50 bucks. Gave me masks. This is bullshit.

  14. They are a fucking scam I ordered a vinyl cutter and I received 5 mask 4 months later fucking Chinese people motherfuckers

  15. I posted earlier that I ordered two circuits in May. I did receive a tracking number. However, after waiting for nearly 8 weeks, the items shipped were lost by USPS somewhere in the US. However, in addition to that, upon looking at the details of the items, it said two small pieces of mail. Two circuits does not fit into two small pieces of mail. I believe as others said, they ship something else and then fight with you to ship it back. I think I was lucky it was never recieved. Paypal finally refunded me my money. I did file a complaint with BBB, however, note, even though I gave them the name Analytice, they changed it to Teenserge based on the address. Also, note the phone number for Analytice is disconnected. This is a fraud. Do not buy.

  16. I don’t know who Abigail is, but clearly Analytice club is a scam!!
    It took a full month to get my money back!!! They should be shut down!! Thankfully PayPal ruled in my favor!!!
    DO NOT BUY FROM THEM AT ALL!! I Refused the package that was sent! DO NOT OPEN AND TAKE PICTURES!!

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