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Are you a big fan of the game, Among Us, looking for websites that offer a various skins for the game? If that is the case, then let us take a glance at 

Many game players are curious to learn about Skin. The rising popularity of the game, Among Us has led to the creation of many similar websites. 

Many players are asking how to customize the skins of the characters in Among Us. There is a massive surge in the popularity of the game in the Philippines, the United States, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Canada

If you, too, are someone wondering if you can use the site to take advantage of the custom skins collection, then continue reading on

What is 

The website offers customized skins for the characters of Among Us. Some of the options available on the site are Dinosaur, Rainbow, Spiderman, God, Dark Lord, Pikachu, etc. 

Any Among Us fan is bound to get spellbound with the variety of custom skins available on the site. The site lets visitors claim skin for a device. Upon claiming a particular skin, users are asked to complete surveys. 

Things to know about

  • The site has a collection of custom skins. 
  • The website is not affiliated with the game. 
  • There are many negative reviews for the site. 
  • The site asks users to finish surveys to claim skin. 

Who should know about it?

This post is perfect for Among Us players who’re keen to find out about the legitimacy of Skin. If you’re someone scouring the internet for sites that let you customize the skin of your Among Us character, then you should be aware of this site. 

How does it work?

On the homepage, the site showcases several skins for the game. You can click on claim skins to your device option. Then, the site directs you to finish a few surveys. The site claims that upon the completion of the task, the user will be able to use the skin.

User Feedback

We found a few posts in which users appear unhappy with Skin. They share that the site is yet another survey scam. Some of the bloggers have also shared their experience with the site, and most of it is negative. 


The surge in the popularity of Among Us among online gamers has led to an increase in the creation of many websites that offer custom skins for the avatars in the game. Skin has gained a lot of attention from the fans of the game. 

The website claims to provide customized skins that are funky and cool. However, it is important to be mindful of the fact that this website does not have any affiliation with the game. In case you’ve used this site before, then do share your experience in the comments section below. 


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