Among Us Lock Apk {Nov} Want To Know About Screen Lock!

Among Us Lock Apk 2020

Among Us Lock Apk {Nov} Want To Know About Screen Lock! >> If you are a fan of Among us game and want to download a phone screen lock, read this article.

In this era, youth is getting bored sitting at home, and many games banned, leading to the popularity of the game among us.

Read the article on ‘Among Us Lock Apk.’ The article is about the new screen lock available for Android users and the different themes that are going viral. 

The game has become popular among the youth worldwide, including countries like India, the Philippines, the United States, and Vietnam. The game is launching new features continuously, and there are about 100 million downloads of the game on the Play Store and Apple Store.

What is the lock screen of the game?

The game came up with a new lock screen feature available for all the Android users and had many themes available. You are aware that the game is all about completing the tasks that the game gives you, and the ‘Among Us Lock Apk’ is one of the game’s tasks that the players need to complete.

Any player who put the wrong password gets an imposter’s punishment and thrown out of the game. The screen lock is free of cost and is available on the internet. Currently, the lock is available only for Android users, and Apple users might face problems.

What is the theme of the lock screen?

If the crewmates want the spaceship in working conditions, it is essential to complete all the tasks. One of the crewmates’ tasks is to open the screen lock successfully, and for that, they need to remember the pattern in which the buttons are pressing. The Among Us Lock Apk’ is fantastic for the fans.

After memorizing the keypad buttons’ sequence, the players need to enter the same sequence as a password to unlock the screen. If the password is incorrect, the person is considered an imposter and thrown out of the game.

How the task favors the imposter?

The task of unlocking the screen is time-consuming. Therefore, the crew members who are completing this task get engaged and focus on unlocking the screen. The imposter hidden among the crew members takes advantage of the situation and kills the crew members completing the task.

Therefore ‘Among Us Lock Apk’ is an advantage for the imposter, whereas a difficult task for the crew members.

What is the phone screen lock?

There is a task in the game: the start rector task and the phone screen lock are similar. In this theme, you can set your password, and after that, if you enter the wrong password on the screen, then the phone shows the among us sequence on the screen. The display shows a character flying in space, and a notification popup comes saying ‘the owner of the phone is not you.’ 

Other iPhone users from various countries like the Philippines, Vietnam, the United States and India are using softwares to get the ‘Among Us Lock Apk’ for iPhone.

The character shown in the display on the screen is the red player, and fans of other players are disappointed with this.


The article says that there is an among us lock screen pattern available for Android users, currently not available for the iPhone. The game’s theme shows a character on display, and if the person enters the wrong password, the character tells that the owner is not you.

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