Among Skins {Nov 2020} Modify The Character!

Among Skins {Nov 2020} Modify The Character! >> The article is detailing the survey that imposes the gamers to get customized skins from the game.

The whole world, including countries like the Philippines, Malaysia, Brazil, is swaying with the challenging waves of various natural calamities and pandemic. The scenario has come that everyone, including kids or students, are also using online platforms for the study because of the safety measures.

So, to get out of the boredom, kids enjoy the games,

Among Us is a game that has shot to stardom in this pandemic. Initially released in 2018 by Innersloth, the game is about deduction and mystery solving. The game can have 4-10 members in a lobby, out of which 1-3 players are impostors. The rest of them are called crewmates. Let’s read more on Among Skins.

What does an Imposter’s Purpose?

The Impostors serve one purpose, and that is to backstab their fellow spacemen and kill them all. The crewmates have a specific set of tasks, which they need to complete to win the game, while the Impostor(s)’ job is to prevent them from doing said tasks.

This can be done by either using the kill mechanic or using the sabotage mechanic, which allows the Impostor(s) to easily win the game if the sabotage is not fixed in a set period of time.

If an Impostor is caught killing, they can be voted off of the ship. This is another way for the Crewmates to win the game. Stay with us for lot more for Among Skins.

The game has a lot of cosmetic items that provide no competitive advantage whatsoever, which allows them to customize their avatar. That is why it is famous in the Philippines, Malaysia, Brazil.

What is Skin? is a website that claims to give free cosmetic items to Among Us players. They do this via a survey that the users have to fill. The website is in no way, shape or form, affiliated with Innersloth, the developers of Among Us.

The users are told that they will receive custom cosmetics if they fill out the survey with Among Skins. They show some expiring offers and say that the skins will be completely free.

Is Skin Safe?

We have been researching this website, and during our research, we have uncovered that it is not legitimate. It’s a shameless plug, and the creators should be ashamed of their creation. The survey doesn’t even work.

The survey opens a portal to all sorts of dangers like malware, trojans and other nasty stuff. So we do not recommend that you use this website.

What Players have to say?

It is a complete and utter scam, offering no reward whatsoever. It just displays an error, and there is no outfit. It is unsafe to use. A lot of players have been jebaited by this website, doing the survey and getting no skin whatsoever.


So, at this conclusion, we would say that Among Skins is not as safe as the customer reviews and reactions are not favourable. This shows us that it is some trick, so we don’t advise you to go.Share your opinion here.

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