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Ami Ventures Website [June] Read Truth About This Site

Ami Ventures Website 2020

Ami Ventures Website [June] Read Truth About This Site -> This article gives information about a company that provides the best solution, products, and services in the firefighting sector.

Do you know about an online portal that sells fire extinguishers to various sectors? Or, delivers other fire fighting equipment at your doorstep? Let us tell you about Ami Ventures Website! Their name has become synonymous with fire prevention and safety services.

Their website is gaining popularity worldwide and mainly in the United States. Let us read the following article and find out more about Ami Ventures Website.

What is AMI Ventures?

AMI Ventures is a Malaysia-based fire fighting company, incorporated in 2010. This fire protection service company offers various products to help extinguish fire hazards in domestic and industrial sectors.

It supplies and provides easy to transport fire extinguishers and other equipment to control fire.

Why is AMI Ventures unique?

AMI Ventures is a subsidiary of AMI Safety and Services SDN BHD, a big name in the Malaysian fire fighting industry.

The company supplies high-quality fire fighting products. It boasts of a distinguished clientele. Prominent names like Pertonas, TM, Tenaga Nasional, RTM Melaka, MMU Melaka, Polyplastic Asia, and Felda feature on their client list.

They have their assembly line where the equipment is manufactured with the help of machinery and manpower. This helps them create accurate and best quality products.

Their products are subject to accurate testing to ensure safety.

The company understands that fire extinguishers require regular maintenance. Therefore, it also provides maintenance and services as per your schedule.

In short, the company assembles, supplies, offers maintenance and services along with regular inspection to protect you from fire destruction. They also recharge the depleted portable units.

AMI Ventures works in affiliation with BOMBA, The Fire and Rescue Department of Malaysia. Together, they do inspections so that the fire extinguishers work efficiently in case of an emergency.

Last but not the least, the company is accredited by 7 national and international certification bodies. It has also been awarded 14 certificates by various fire protection associations across Malaysia and worldwide.

Specifications of AMI Ventures:

  • Products- Mainly fire extinguishers and other fire fighting products such as Fire Hydrant Valve, Cap, Adapter, Breeching, Hose Boxes & Hose Reel
  • Website-
  •,, and
  • Address- Taman Cheng Bestari, Malaysia
  • Shipping fee- No information on their website
  • Exchange/returns/refunds- No information available
  • Mode of payment- Not clear

Pros of buying products from AMI Ventures:

  • It is a subsidiary of AMI Safety and Services SDN BHD
  • It is accredited by international certification bodies
  • They claim to provide the best product quality
  • Their equipment undergoes a thorough inspection to ensure that it is problem-free
  • The company claims to offer regular maintenance and servicing
  • Their products are portable and suitable for the domestic and industrial area both

Cons of buying products from AMI Ventures:

  • Deal only with B2B transactions
  • Take orders only in large quantity
  • There are hardly any customers reviews available

What are people saying about AMI Ventures?

Even though AMI Ventures is seen on Facebook, it does not have many customer reviews on this social media platform.

Moreover, they have no presence on Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, or Instagram.

Also, there are hardly any online reviews available about AMI Ventures Website.

Final verdict:

After our extensive research, we found that AMI Ventures claim to be pioneers in the fire service industry. There is no doubt that their website is carefully drafted and provides enough information about their products and services. However, their website is rife with some serious glitches that cannot be ignored.

The website does not give any information about their shipping policy, and refund, exchange, or return policy. Strangely, the website does not provide clear payment details.

You have to write an email and wait for their response to know more about their products. This is in stark contrast to the present digital era where customers are accustomed to fast response and services.

Even though their website claims to supply fire equipment to the domestic sector, we found that they do only B2B transactions. Through our research, we also found that they take only big orders, exceeding at least 20 containers. All this information is missing on their website.

Their website also lacks a secure HTTPS padlock.

We conclude by saying that even though they use .com in their domain name, their website does not seem legit. We warn you not to buy from this site.

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