Amazon Prime Week Winner Scam (Oct 2020) Honest Reviews.

Amazon Prime Week Winner Scam 2020

Amazon Prime Week Winner Scam (Oct 2020) Honest Reviews. >> The article, as mentioned above, is of a scam done on the internet impersonating Amazon.

Sales is something that instantly puts everyone in a good mood. Recently, there was a sale by Amazon that captures the interests of many. So, in this article, we are going to talk about it. 

However, at the same time in the United States, there was something that received more bad reviews than good ones; read this article to know all that you need to know about Amazon Prime Week Winner Scam.

What was Amazon Prime Week Winner Scam?

Amazon Prime Sale is something that most people wait for in anticipation. It is something that keeps people excited. Today, as we are going to discuss this sale with you, we will discuss all the aspects involved in it. So, there are various scams and phishing emails circulated at the time of this sale that directed people towards a specific link for Amazon Prime Week Winner Scam

It is the time when people also receive various emails and messages that direct them towards multiple offers. One such request was the recent Prime Week winner scam that told people how to get a MacBook Pro by becoming a winner of the Amazon Prime Day Sale. Now, there will be a link that the users are supposed to fill and then reach towards a domain that cybercriminals have been using for Amazon Prime Week Winner Scam.

How is the Amazon Prime Winner Scam? 

It might be something that seems to be worrying about the users a lot. There are usually some lucrative offers that such emails contain. The users were told how they won a tablet or an iPhone. The user had to share the information in a given link, and then there is the cycle where they will have to lose it all.

How can you prevent such scams?

ForAmazon Prime Week Winner Scam, the first thing that a user can do to prevent such scams is to delete such messages beforehand. Nobody wins anything, just like that. These scammers have a thing to lure the customers and win them over. If a user clicks on the link, they get attracted to getting their personal information out, and in the end, it costs them a lot. 

If you ever get such mail, the first thing you should notice is the email’s grammar. Such emails are usually written in bad grammar. They typically have a lot of grammatical errors. There are also various safety measures that users need to make sure of their safety. 

Amazon will never ask for the details such as ID, bank account number, etc. So, make sure that you never hand it over to the third parties posing as Amazon.

Final Verdict

Thus, we think that Amazon Prime Week Winner Scam is another attempt by the scammers to take out the users’ personal information and be used to rob them of their money

If you have also come across something like this, write to us in the comments section below. 

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  1. I received text message that I was Amazon Prime Week Winner and that I had won a MacBook Pro. Upon attempting to delete I hit link and not sure if it opened and immediately hit the delete. Several days later Ingot a message saying the Mac would be delivered today – I immediately deleted message. True to their word a package was delivered to by door by USPS. I might add that I’m not a Amazon Prime subscriber.

    I’m hesitant to even open it! What do you suggest I do with this package?

    Any advice you can give me would be appreciated,

  2. I’ve received 3 texts from different phone numbers. One last Friday, 10/16 , & two this evening 10/23. All say I am a Amazon Prime Week winner & won a NEW MacBook Pro. Receive it by clicking on:

  3. They asked for credit card # to pay a 1$ fee. Then they said the bank refused. Try a different card they accepted it and now had #s and security codes. Then they took me to a site where I had to put in a password— which I did not have or know. Finally I figured out what was happening and immediately put holds on each card. Damned scam!!

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