Amazon Prime Day Winner Scam {Oct} Amazon Prime Scam!

Amazon Prime Day Winner Scam 2020

Amazon Prime Day Winner Scam {Oct} Amazon Prime Scam! >> Be alert & wise; while you shop online, or receive some scam messages, read the news to be alert.

Are you a shopaholic person?

This pandemic has made offline shopping almost null, but people do all the shopping online. This is a significant step to be at social distancing and make you safe.

A big day, for the Amazon Prime users, whether from the United Statesor anywhere globally and get the chance to enjoy the sale. So are you also waiting for the same?

As online shopping has rapidly increased, the scammer’s brain cells have evolved for a new scam.

We will here caution you about the Amazon Prime Day Winner Scamwith our unbiased reviews.

What isAmazon Prime Day Winner Scam?

We’ve been receiving a load of emails from people about this new scam in which people get texts that say that they’ve won a free MacBook Pro. Now, anyone with more than 2 IQ will understand that this is fake. They give you a survey to fill out and claim that you will receive your gift after completing the study.

This is a website used by scammers. The website is If you ever see a link like this, Do Not Click It. It is not from Amazon. Amazon does not own this domain.

The Amazon Prime Day Winner Scam message says,” You have won on Amazon Prime Day. Congratulations on this outstanding achievement. You have won a MacBook Pro. Click here to collect your reward: Or something along those lines must be in the message.

How to Avoid this?

This scam is one of the many catfish scams popping up on the internet for the people from the United States or worldwide. One example of this is the infamous USPS Text Message Scam and the FedEx Delivery Scam.

They entail similar details about winning a stupidly expensive thing and then telling you to fill out a survey to prove that you are a human.

There’s some variation. But this is the crux of the Amazon Prime Day Winner Scam message. If you decide to click the link, you will be redirected to a very fake-looking website that straight-up asks for your information without any disguises. Then, upon completing the form, you will have to download something from the website. This is bound to be a virus.

If you get a text like this, check for grammatical errors. And delete the thing. Continue with your life and your daily activities. There’s like a million of these scams already, and you should know how to avoid them.

Final Verdict:

We have witnessed many scams, and innocent people get trapped in those scams. This is a complete disaster that scammers are so insensitive, and they don’t wish to earn money with the hard work.

Here again, we advise you for another scam, where you can be trapped as the memorable Amazon Prime Day is approaching. Amazon Prime Day Winner Scam is the source of that scam.

We have mentioned all the tits and bits in this context; kindly share your opinion with us in the section below.

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