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Alycandy com Reviews [2020] Is It Secure to Buy From It

Alycandy com Reviews 2020

Alycandy com Reviews [2020] Is It Secure to Buy From It -> In this article, you got to know about a brand that helps people with trendy outfits.

Are you looking for a website that combines your sense of fashion with a touch of creativity? Wondering whether this is possible or not? Yes, of course, it is possible! Read the Alycandy com Reviews and get an opportunity to shop something unique this time.

Whenever we talk of any website, there arise many questions relating to it. Few are like is

Alycandy com legit or is it one among the money-making fraudsters. Is relevant to invest money in a website just heard-of? Will there arise any quality issues with the products ordered? There are even more.

Here in this article, we have summarized the most important information relating to the website. It will be of immense use for the people who are always active when it comes to shopping. 

The website we are talking about is working great in the United State. It is on the verge of spreading its roots round the globe. The brand deals in a unique collection of products; this brand has come up with an exclusive idea of covering a new trend among people.

Scroll down through the article and witness some of the most crucial pieces of the information you must know about the website before you proceed to shop.

Is Alycandy com Legit?

This becomes an essential question; especially for those who are in love with online shopping and are always searching for something new. 

For a website to be legit, it needs to clear a few certifications. SSL certification makes a website trustworthy. Alycandy has got this one and hence, can be trusted on these grounds. This ensures that the site is registered successfully. All the communications of buyers will be encrypted, and therefore, there will be attacks from the middlemen.

What is Alycandy com?

Alycandy is a website that comes with a whole new concept in products.

The website brings in a variety of clothing. People will directly land on a page displaying bright and colourful clothes. They are attractive enough to make you feel the moment you see them.

The brand displays an extensive collection of tops and t-shirts. The brand welcomes both men and women to shop.

Are you interested enough to visit the website and go for shopping? Before you hurry, read the full article so that you can figure out the specifications and other vital details.

Specifications of the website, Alycandy com:

  • Website link-  
  • Website type- women and men clothing 
  • Processing Time: done within 2-6 business days 
  • Flat rate (US): $6.95 – done within 4-7 business days 
  • Fast Shipping (the US Only): $8.95 – Superfast 3-5 business days
  • Worldwide Shipping: $7.95 – Average 7-10 business days, maximum 15 business days for a few locations
  • Refunds- No refunds applicable
  • Exchange- applicable
  • Return- Not applicable 
  • Shipping charge- Customers get an opportunity of free shipping on shopping of over $50
  • Mode of payment- PayPal, Master cards 

Pros of picking products from Alycandy com:

  • Customers get complete right to track the delivery of the product they have ordered from the website
  • The company claims to exchange the product if it has some defect from the back end
  • Customers can get a free shipping offer when they shop over the limit of $50
  • People can make payments using their PayPal accounts or master cards
  • People can see a variety of offers popping up on the website 
  • There is an extensive collection of designs and patterns to choose among
  • Also, the customers get the products at pocket-friendly prices

Cons of picking products from Alycandy com:

  • The website does have any specific details using which customers can contact. They can fill up the mail id and post queries on the site itself
  • As far as we have noticed the working of the site, people cannot cancel the product they have ordered
  • Customers do not get the opportunity of making payments in cash

What are people saying about Alycandy com?

Many people have liked the working pattern of the website. Customers have appreciated the variations the brand has brought in the clothing. The model, design and shade-factor have gained the attention of many eyes.

People have liked the concept and are happily welcoming the rising brand.

Final verdict:

The website has been doing great in its domain. People have appreciated the work performed by the site. People have shown interest in the trendy outfits offered by the company. 

With this note, we would like to recommend you to buy a few tees and tops from the Alycandy com and share your experiences about how they served. 

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  1. Not only is this company scamming people, but they have actually created similar Google searches like this one, as if they are investigating scammers. I googled “Is Aly Candy a Scam” to find this forum, but I also found a few others that are talking up Aly Candy….some with broken English. What is even worse is when you comment on these sites, the comments disappear “waiting approval”. Then they never post the comments. Anytime I’ve seen a site like the one I’m on now, they always post public comments. It’s so bizarre that they are scamming us by being in a scam site themselves. I hope that makes sense. Anyway, their website looks completely legit, but has no phone number or address attached to it. I fell for it unfortunately! They will give you a tracking number eventually (if you ask), but the destination isn’t even my address. They clearly have my address in my order. They are posing as an American website, but clearly foreign with all the broken English when they repond to my emails. All they are doing is stalling me.

    1. They are also Animal Lovers, Krystal Edge & Arm the Animals. I ordered on 4/23 & my card was charged same day. Only get a run around. They said made in Vietnam.

  2. I’ve ordered from them and still and still have not received anything, just a tracking number that is no good,

  3. Appears to be a scam. I ordered 3 weeks ago and haven’t received anything. I have reached out 3 times to inquire about the status of my order and have not received a response.

  4. Ordered May 4. Never received a tracking message. Emailed them on the 18th – no response. Went after them on FB on May 22 w/ a threat to dispute the credit charge. Got an “apology” about their emails being full and shipping taking longer than expected, etc. Sent me tracking info May 23. Package actually arrived May 24. The masks are fine but not one of the masks was a pattern I ordered. I chose them because of the patterns they were offering. If I wan’ted random stuff, I could have gotten that anywhere. Their communication completely sucks – they will take your money, sent you whatever they have, and you pretty much are stuck. Shop elsewhere.

  5. I ordered a face mask. It came at a reasonable time with good tracking info. Unfortunately it does not fit me well. Too large and not like others I have, that fit much better. I like the print and the quality is ok. I will stop at one mask with Aly Candy

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