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Allstarhappy com Reviews [July] – Is This An Online Scam Site?

Allstarhappy com Reviews 2020

Allstarhappy com Reviews [July] – Is This An Online Scam Site? >> In this article, we review an online store that offers electronic scooters and treadmills at cheap costs.

Do you want to buy an electric scooter or an electronic treadmill? If you’re looking to purchase these products online, then there’s a chance that you might come across an online store called Allstarhappy. They operate out of the Philippines. As it’s a new online store and not very popular, you must know more about it before making any purchase from this online store.

Electronic products are one of the fastest and most selling items today in the market. Products like treadmills and electric scooters also sell in a reasonable amount. But these products are expensive, like a majority of electronic equipment. Some Allstarhappy com Reviews tell us that on this store you can buy them for cheap, at very affordable prices. 

If you want to know more about this online store, we suggest you keep reading our review. We’re going to provide more information about this website such as pricing, delivery and the important question- Is All Star Happy Legit?

What is Allstarhappy?

Allstarhappy is an online store that sells some products and equipment like Foldable Treadmill, Electric Scooter, and Royal Leather Bed. Their product range constitutes only of these items. It’s said that they’re based out of the Philippines as their user traffic is highest in that region.

This online store suffers from a severe lack of popularity and remains unknown mainly as an online store in several regions. Information about this site or Allstarhappy com Reviews are also not available anywhere, be it the website itself of any other platform.

Allstarhappy Specifications:

  • Website:
  • Products: Electric Scooter, Royal Bed, etc.
  • Processing Duration: not known.
  • Delivery: not known.
  • Email:
  • Phone Number: not known.
  • Address: not known.
  • Returns: 30-day return policy.
  • Exchange: direct exchange not available.
  • Refund Period: few days of receiving the item.
  • Payment Method: Apple Pay/ AMEX/ MasterCard/ Visa.

Allstarhappy Pros:

  • Products like Treadmills, Leather Beds, etc. are available on this store.
  • The price tag attached to their products is very compelling and cheap.
  • They offer returns and refunds on most of their products.

Allstarhappy Cons: 

  • Allstarhappy is likely to be a fraudulent online store.
  • Contact information of this store isn’t present anywhere.
  • Their popularity is small, and they’re not well-known.

Is All Star Happy Legit?

Due to the apparent lack of information, we cannot provide a solid answer to this question. But we’ll state some facts and suggest what’s more likely occurring. 

In our opinion, it’s likely a fraud store. The store is powered by Shopify, which has also equipped some known fraud stores. There’s no contact information available about the site. Customer Allstarhappy com Reviews aren’t available either. Its appearance is similar to several fraudulent websites. Its appearance is rough and looks unmaintained. The written content on some pages also matches some fraud websites. They offer incredibly and unrealistically low prices, which is suspicious.

So, Is All Star Happy Legit? Not likely. But we cannot say with certainty as it’s only our opinion, but a lot of reports also seem to agree with our opinion. So, we think it’s very likely that this store is a scam. Hence, we recommend you to stay away from it.

Allstarhappy: Customer and User Reviews

On the online store itself, customer reviews aren’t present on any product. We know that the popularity of this store is tiny. Hence, customer Allstarhappy com Reviews of this site aren’t available anywhere. However, several reports which evaluate this online store were present. We decided to look at them.

None of the reports had positive evaluations of the site, and all of them called this online store a scam and suggested users stay away from it. So, Is All Star Happy Legit? It’s clear from our research and these reports that it most likely isn’t.

Final Verdict

Allstarhappy sells a small number of products at very reasonable prices. They’re probably based in the Philippines. The products also come with a return and refund policy. The website guarantees the products to be of excellent quality and exceed expectations. But the site is mostly unknown, and no information about it is present, making it a risky store. We also have some reports that claim this website is likely a scam, and we agree with them. 

Our readers, we suggest you don’t purchase from this website as it’s most likely not a legitimate store. You have several options. Also, please write to us regarding more information about this website if you have some.

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    1. I also ordered the treadmill 6days ago. What shall we do to get our money back just incase this is a scam.

  1. Unfortunately I already ordered a treadmill from this online store two days ago. I regret not researching about the store first. I didn’t have trouble about online stores before, but now I’m scared of this one. Definitely gonna call my bank or credit card company tomorrow.

    1. Emily

      Order my treadmill since jun no answer till now how stupid I am no phone number.
      Send so many mail but no answer,I think there’s just one think to say I lose my money.

  2. Its likely a scam since a scooter for example was only php 7,340 only and as per reviews on others’ comments its too good to be true. Sayang…

    1. Anche io ero molto tentata dal tapis roulant. Quindi è sicuro che i prodotti non arrivano? Qualcuno lo ha ricevuto?

  3. Anche io ero molto tentata dal tapis roulant. Quindi è sicuro che i prodotti non arrivano? Qualcuno lo ha ricevuto?

  4. I bought the treadmill and scooter. I really wish I researched this before. My bank can’t cancel the transactions either. I really hope its not a scam as I can’t afford to lose that money. If anyone gets the items and it is legit please let us know. Its a new website so maybe that’s why there’s not much information. I have bought things advertised on Facebook before and they’ve all been legit. Let’s hope this is!!!! 😬

      1. What can we do to close these spam liked websites.. can’t we do anything..My God’s my luck..I was on the way to buy a treadmill..before it I checked the website and it’s closed..thank god..realised not to buy anything without knowing or checking..please do something to ban these websites..sad for the loss of many people..

    1. I also ordered treadmill on 4 july but i got order number via email tell 2 to 5 weeks for delivery and might delay due CORONA

      1. I bought an electric scooter 5 months ago, I have written to them and they never answered, I think it is a scam, be careful

  5. I have ordered a treadmill 2 days ago.. and today I tried to open their website unfortunately there was the shop is unavailable… its a scam… I have lost my money….

  6. I ordered a scooter since last Saturday but no any response regarding of order status.
    Its totally money wasted .

  7. I have purchase the treadmill 1 week ago. The seller reply my email says my item already shipped out. Im still waiting. I saw the ads at instagram. Thought it is the trusted seller. Still hope it was not a scam.

  8. I think they need more time, they have said that items take 2to6weeks to arrive. I have ordered also the treadmill, first July, now I am waiting. We will know at the end of July.

  9. Bara att konstatera…det är en bluff och man kommer aldrig att se varken pengar eller varan man beställt.Får skylla sig själv,borde fattat att det var en bluff med dessa priser!!

  10. I have place my order last July 2 2020 then the send me email confirmation of my order,they say due to Covid-19 the delivery it takes 2-6 weeks to arrive..just wait patiently and they will deliver..hopefully I can get my threadmill if not I wasting my money also 😢

  11. Also ordered the scooters. On the 28th of June. Received reply email with order number 3184! The add was running on FaceBook.
    I assume we have been scamed?

  12. I have place my order last June 26 2020 then the send me email confirmation of my order,they say due to Covid-19 the delivery it takes 2-6 weeks to arrive..just wait patiently and they will deliver..hopefully I can get my threadmill if not I wasting my money also 😢
    I requested to FB kindly remove this type of marketing

  13. I ordered scooter (and am in the Philippines) on 26th June. ZERO delivery response received. I’ve chased it for the last 3 weeks every few days and also demanded money back. They do respond but it’s “we’re waiting on a courier delivery update”, followed by 2 weeks of “We’re very sorry for all the inconvenience this has caused you. We’re currently experiencing unusually high traffic which is causing a problem with our site at the moment. Not to worry, it will be fixed soon and we’ll update you with your tracking Please be patient you will be updated soon”… but it comes with no contact name or phone number. Very much feels like fraud.

  14. I have also purchased 2 treadmills and 2 scooters since June 6 but still they are asking me to wait because off COVID-19 😰😰😰

  15. I ordered a treadmill via Instagram adverts and received an order number via email. I did not get my treadmill and there is no way of contacting Allstarhappy. Should Instagram and other social media platforms not investigate these online shopping providers before advertising on their sites. This could have reputational consequences for Instagram and other popular social media platforms.

  16. I ordered the treadmill on 26 May 2020 and got order confirmation mail too. But till today there is no delivery. Initially the emails were replied by them with message to wait for drlivery. But since last 10 days, the emails are also not replied. Then I started looking about it on web and landed here. Now I am sure I have been cammed. Don’t know how to get my money back.

  17. I, too, was scammed for the treadmill. Have been waiting six weeks and have asked for a tracking number after they sent notice it had shipped. Tracking # never arrived nor did the machine. They have indicated they are making a full refund to my credit card. Will follow up here….

  18. En febrero compre la caminadora y aún no llega. He enviado varios correos y tienen un sistema de respuesta automática que respond cada vez algo similar. Son estafadores y eso hay que darlo a conocer

  19. I also ordered for magnetic scooter one month ago. What shall we do to get our money back just incase this is a scam.

  20. IT IS ALL FRAUD!!!
    I got attracted by the Facebook advert for foldable treadmill & I made payment for 2. I got email notification saying it’ll take 2to6weeks to deliver which made me believe it was real & I paid for a bed too.
    It turns out it is all fake!!! It is over 2months now & no delivery & also the website isn’t opening any more.
    Guys avoid the site as it is all fraud!

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