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Allentimus Masks Reviews [2020] Is This Site Genuine?

Allentimus Masks Reviews 2020

Allentimus Masks Reviews [2020] Is This Site Genuine? -> In this article, you getto know about an online site for buying face masks.

Are you looking for face masks to protect yourself from pollution? Click on to Allientimaskes.

Now you can get a face mask by ordering online. Who wants to get affected by the pollution present in the atmosphere and get sick. Order your face mask of your favorite design.

Allentimus masks reviewsshow that we can protect ourselves from air pollution in style with the help of the designs available. The quality of these masks is something that most people appreciated. Who wants to get the lungs affected due to various kinds of pollution and other diseases present outside.

Currently, customers from the United Statehave appreciated the design and quality of masks available on the site.

Get look at this article to know more about the site and find out is allentimus mask legit or scamming the customers.

Is Allientimus mask legit?

The site has mentioned its company’s location along with the email address on which the company can be contacted at. As we all know that many of the companies are turning themselves from the traditional way of selling products into the online one.

The online platform for selling products gives a broader reach of the audience, which can be the main reason for many companies to sell their products online, and hence it is legit to sell products online.

Most of the people are interested in buying products online rather than going outside and shopping for things. Buying things online is also convenient for people. Hence, this site may have acted according to the convenience of the people since every company aims upon customer satisfaction more than anything. The company would be able to gain reputation only when the customers are satisfied.

What is the Allentimus mask?

Allientimaskes is an online shopping store to buy face masks of different designs and styles. Designs of army, skull, cats, birds, airforce, and more can be found on the mask.

The mask will help you to protect your lungs by protecting yourself from the harmful effects of pollution. The Mask filters the air that we breathe. Most of us are aware of the thing that the rate of air pollution present in the atmosphere is going up day by day.

In the United State, breathing air present in the atmosphere for a day is equal to consuming two cigarettes. The mask is built in such a manner that it will protect from the air pollution that is present in the atmosphere to protect your lungs from getting harmed and save us from various kinds of respiratory diseases.

Specifications of Allientimus mask:

  • Product: Face Masks
  • Website:
  • Email address:
  • Time required for shipping- 5-10 days, (national) – 7-15 days (international)
  • Delivery time- 7-20 days
  • Shipping & other charges- Varies from place to place.
  • Period for return/exchange- 30 days
  • Refunds within -7 days
  • Payment method- Paypal and All sorts of credit cards.

Advantages of buying from Allientimus mask:

  • Multiple designs can be found on the mask
  • Provides gift cards along with the product
  • Can be able to exchange or return the product within 30 days

Disadvantages of buying from Allientimus mask:

  • Shipment and other charges to be paid while returning the product
  • The time required for Shipping is a bit
  • Cash on delivery facility is unavailable.

Customer reviews on Allientimus mask:

Customers are getting attracted to the site due to the various designs that can be found on the mask, along with fulfilling its purpose. It is also specified that the site would give a 100% money-back guarantee on the product if the customers are unsatisfied.

Some customers who had placed the order with the site didn’t receive the product due to some reason. They could easily cancel the product and ask for a refund. Some customers had a complaint about the other charges that are applicable while shipping from one country to another.

Final Verdict

The site has given its email ID along with the place in which the company is situated, which shows that the website can be held accountable. Moreover, the company is aiming to build quality products with unique designs and also fulfilling the purpose of the product.

Refund, Shipping, and other information have also been specified, which is a positive aspect for both the customers and the company.

We hope that the readers have not enough information about this site after reading this article.

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  1. I have had an order out since April 7th..
    I have not gotten a tracking Number..this Allentimus company is a fraud..where’s my refund…

  2. I have gotten a tracking number but it shows that the label is created but it’s not yet in the system

  3. It took almost 30 days to reveive the mask! But my payment wss processed immediately. No paperwork came with the mask regarding cleaning the mask! Jow long are the built in filters good for? I would not order again

  4. I ordered 3 pug masks for $87.00 on April 8th. Where in the hell are they??? I never received them!! 🤬🤬🤬

  5. What I don’t understand is why isn’t PayPal doing something about even allowing anymore payments to go thru knowing lots of people are coming back thru them for refund and saying the same things Allentimus has done to them. I ordered April 6,20. By 4/15/20 the finally claimed completed from factory and shipping next day. By 3 days later no shipping information. So I opened case with PayPal. They passed messages back to same Account holder as everyone else here. They replied once saying after checking my order # it was still in factory. Of course I replied liar because I’d already received email week ago it was done and shipping. So I escalated my case to PayPal handling. Then they inform time frame and process up until May 16. So since then 3 days ago I’ve received email my order has shipped and giving me tracking #. And of course PayPal also emails about this shipping of masks. Well like you all every time I check tracking. It’s not been any more happenings only a label been created. I truly do t believe anything will ever come. And I do know PayPal better do some waking up and give me my money back that they guaranteed the reason I use it for all online purchases. They have no reason to wait so long when aren’t they the same PayPal all of us has complained to about these scammers. I find few reviews claiming they got them and love them when I search Allentimus reviews.

    1. I ordered 2 masks April 6, 2020. They have not been received, and not made it to the USPS, which has a label ready for them created April 11. Where are the masks?

      1. This is a SCAM … I ordered $ 179 in masks for my family in March. They processed the payment on my card asap. After dozens and dozens of emails and their response…” its on the way” ,or ” shipping issues” or *wait for it* ” its on the dock”!!!! They have asked me for my order # and tracking # endlessly!!! Still NO MASKS!!!! I FILED A COMPLAINT WITH THE BBB, BUT NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE!!! In this time of crisis WHY do they allow these lousy scamming money grabbing companies to get away from taking money from people. Criminal!!!!!!

  6. I purchased a mask from Allentimus on 4/7/20. Paypal indicates the company is DMT HOLDING PTE. LTD. which is a China based company. When I received the mask on 5/2/20 the shipped from info was UGD, 13901 Yorba Ave., Chino CA 91710 (this is not a store front but a warehouse address). Needless to say what I ordered and what I received was quite different and a joke really. Now I have requested a refund so we’ll see how they handle that. I have my doubts. I was impressed that they kept me updated on my order and once I realized it was coming from China I knew it would be at least a month before I received it. If the product had looked even partially like what I ordered I would have been a satisfied customer but it was hilarious with a large sewn seam down the middle where the dragonfly print should have been and the print was not even close to what I ordered.

  7. I ordered it April 12th and got a tracking ID about 2 weeks ago. The tracking ID said shipment label not in system. They keep giving me the same response. I’m very annoyed but I would not trust this.

  8. POOR Company, placed the order over a month ago and have requested a refund as have not received. No response and keep getting emails of tracking numbers, check the tracking number and doesn’t show anything. No response from this company, $75.00 down the drain!

  9. I have an order in since April 10. They have refused to refund. They sent a tracking number. USPS doesn’t recognize it. I’ve had over 10 emails back and forth with them. They are either committing fraud or the worst company in the world.

  10. i am in the same position as the rest of the customers whom have left comments ….i placed order on 4/7/20 sent several emails after a tracking number was created two weeks later …… only received a reply from some guy named Nigel stating sorry for delayed response … it is now May 6 i still do not have my product and will be in process of asking for totall refund ….this company is totally fraudulent

    1. I too got an email from NIGEL PEMBER saying sorry for the delay. I responded with “SEND ME THE XXXXING TRACKING NUMBER”. He has not responded. I have my doubts about PayPal who have given ALLENTIMUS 20 days to respond to their (PayPal) requests. Good Luck

  11. I ordered on April 13. On April 22 they provided a tracking number that still says it is on the way to USPS. Emailed twice but never received a response. This company is a scam, as either they pretend to be a US based company and they drop ship from China, or they simply take your money and never send a product. I am now out $89, and will contact my credit card company to ask for the charges to be reversed.

  12. I ordered back in March. Was told that they were out of fabric, then there was a delay, etc… I finally received a shipping date about two weeks ago. Last update said that my masks were in New York, but label hadn’t been made and now all emails from this company have vanished. Not a trace!!! I save all receipts in files through email and nothing!!! At this point I would say DO NOT PURCHASE from this company. IT IS A SCAM!!!!!

  13. I ordered two masks for my family on 17 April 2020 for COVID-19. I paid with my credit card, but it immediately got processed as a PayPal payment. They charged the card on the 27th. I didn’t get any confirmation for my order and have not heard anything. NO emails, no response to any emails to them. I have not received any masks. I saw their add on Facebook, and then I seen the identical add but with a different name. I will contact Paypal about getting a refund. I hear once, Paypal contacts them, a shipping label is made but there is no guarentee that the item ships. I need the mask for my husband and I to work with the public. This is sad that scammers would use this crisis to take advantage of people. I am out $65 with more stress of getting the money back and finding a new mask to purchase.

  14. This is a horrible company . I ordered back on 4/06/2020 and first I was told that they were waiting on fabric, then they were backed up and would be receiving a notice soon . Once I didn’t receive any news I remain again and was given a tracking number , which was not a good tracking number . Once again I emailed them and received some crazy email saying that once again it was being shipped . Well as if today 5/15/2020 , NOTHING !!
    DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY . They are a scam . Will not send my refund !!

  15. Same here…. I ordered 2 masks on April 9 and got an email saying they were ready to send out April 15. Labels were printed at the USPS in New York, but the products never went out according to the USPS. I paid 29.99 each. I say it is a scam. Today is May 18! What low lives to advertise a product to protect from COVID, during a pandemic when people are vulnerable and then keep the money while sending no product.

  16. Ordered masks on April 7, finally received them on May 19. The quality is poor, there is no mention of how long the filters can be used, and there is no information on how to clean the masks. Huge disappointment…………..

  17. I have done letter after letter to this company insisting on my money back they have sent me the Tracking numbers I placed my order at the beginning of April. They sent me a tracking number too that has gone nowhere! They also will not refund the money. I am going to go back to paypal and demand my money back and I am sure I will not get a response from that either. I did threaten to report them to the Attorney General on 05/23/20 which is going to be a waste since it is a foreign company. We need to complain to Facebook for allowing foreign companies to sell on Facebook too!

  18. I ordered two set of masks I only recently received the tracking number how ever it states not fond on their tracking system I ordered back in March and have not received the product. I contacted customer services and no one relays I guess I am out the money.

  19. Horrible company. I ordered masks on Feb28 ,2020. I did get a tracking number but the package tracking stopped in Rochester , NY. I am not sure the tracking was even legitimate and I will have to try to research that part. I did receive an email from an Eric Bruce saying they already sent the order . They are trying to solve the problem and will let me know when they have more information. That was on May 25th. I am sure it’s a robo reply so it means nothing. There are complaints on the BBB site on this company . The best course to receive a refund is through Pay Pal as BBB doesn’t deal with buyer’s remorse claims.
    Smooth creations should not advertise this company! You will not get an order filled.

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