All Codes in Heroes Legacy {Nov} Enjoy & Rewards!


All Codes in Heroes Legacy {Nov} Enjoy Codes & Rewards! >> Read the news article & find out new codes & its rewards in an online game & how to redeem them.

In a lockdown, gamers with plenty of time in their hand paved through many hidden gems of the gaming world and popularized them. Similarly, Roblox made its way among thousands of high-tech games.

This year, All Codes in Heroes Legacyhas taken a new shape in the Roblox universe where fans are looking forward to redeem these codes. By doing so, they can get unique rewards.

These codes are there to help them progress in-game and skip jump a few levels. Therefore, people from countries like thePhilippines and the United Statesare anxious to know about the process, which is as easy and possible. So, let’s find out in this article.

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What is Roblox?

Roblox is an online gaming space, but it is also a game creation system that lets developers from all around the world program their experience and others to enjoy those games.

Games like All Codes in Heroes Legacy and many others can be created through Roblox Studio, using Lua’s programming language. The game was founded by David Beszucki and Erik Cassel in 2004 but then released after two years.

This tool is used by a vast community of developers from the United States; gamers from thePhilippinescan play them. This diversity has made Roblox the most favoured game among kids as well.

What is Heroes Legacy?

Like many other Roblox games, Heroes Legacy is an action-packed thriller where players can create an Avtar. It is a role-playing game where you can either become a super-hero or a villain of the villains.

Developed by April Games, they have introduced All Codes in Heroes Legacy to win rewards easily and use them to go past levels. You can also make the Avtar stronger.

Though the original way is to play all levels further and unlock more and more items, it consumes a lot of time and will-power. Use the codes and quickly walk through the game.

Codes and How to Redeem them

Though there are many codes, some are active, and others are inactive. Following are the list of active codes:

  • eXpBooStLoL: this code can give 30 minutes of boost.
  • 10THOUSANDLIKES: this can get you three free spins or Yens or Gold.
  • 15KTHANKS!: 1 hour of double experience.
  • DessiLegacy: with this free Yens or Gold.

To Redeem All Codes in Heroes Legacy, click on the button at the lower-left corner, between the Stats and the Class buttons. Just enter the code whichever you want to redeem and click the green button to confirm it.


Roblox, no doubt, is a massively popular game and an astounding platform for advanced developers. A variety of games have come into light till now, like Heroes Legacy.

It is an action role-playing game where players can create an Avtar and move to new levels making it more powerful. The smoother way is to find and redeem active codes that can push the player higher.

So far, fans have liked All Codes in Heroes Legacy and are waiting for more codes to get activated as many didn’t work or expired. If you have recent experience with the codes, share with us in the comment section.

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