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Albumoon Reviews [2020] Shopping Here Is Risky Or Not?

Albumoon Website Reviews

Albumoon Reviews [2020] Shopping Here Is Risky Or Not? -> This article is meant for creating awareness about among the readers.

Hi, welcome to another new online website launch, that’s Here, we are going to learn about it’s pros and cons for assessing legitimacy.

Online shopping being so prevalent these days and a number of e-commerce businesses making a hell lot of money out of it, there are several aspiring companies which dream of making it big in this e-commerce platform.

Out of them, some are promising and have gathered acclamation over time while others have failed to develop faith in the common masses and have flunked badly in long term stability.

There are few scamsters also, who spring up time and again for duping the innocent online visitors and gather money to vanish. is originated in the United States and seems to be a pretty recent registration.

What is is a business which has a mixed bag of products and claims to offer the best in terms of quality and deals to it’s buyers.

However, the website is poorly constructed and doesn’t depict it’s claim as mentioned in the ‘About Us’ page.

The content has a lot of mismatches like if you see the header and footer of the web page, you would find mention of ‘World’s most loved cycle shop’ and ‘Custom Bicycle Service’. How is that related to the product categories, because there’s no images of bicycles being sold on the website?

How does it work?

Similarly, if you check the shipping and return section in, you would find areas of unreliability. The shipping would normally take place within 10-20 business days. That’s a long wait for the order placers.

After receiving the product(s), if by any chance you are dissatisfied then the return process is equally cumbersome. First, you have to contact them at, which is not attached to their own server even, if at all it exists.

Thereafter, provided the company responds, you would get a return address otherwise not.

Who should buy from here?

Absolutely no idea, which customer segment is targeting because there are no products enlisted in this website.

Images, prices and related details are all missing.

is legit or scam?

For me is not a legit site, firstly because it lacks SSL certification meant for secure encryption.

Secondly, it’s terrible to shop here right now, because the site is still under construction. It appears to be a new entrant in the e-commerce world and has a long way to go for establishing itself in social media.

There are no external links or social handles where it should appear.

Moreover, since no products and prices are mentioned, there cannot be any dealings here. So, before standardizing as a scam company, we should give it time to develop itself.

After, at least six months if it still remains the same, then one can judge it.


A very common cyber crime these days is cheating people off their money through fraud businesses. So, always be aware of such untrustworthy sites.

If you come across such a company then do spread a word about it in your social media groups. People must come to know of such happenings and should prevent themselves from falling into devious traps.

Fraudulent websites are not secure for any kind of transactions. If you divulge any of your crucial information regarding financial accounts like passwords, then those will be misused without your consent.

Websites such as are not yet popular and lacks publicity so never indulge into any activity here.

The company details are not mentioned like physical address, contact numbers and so on, which means there will be no body whom you can approach in case of discrepancies.

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  1. I e been waiting for my shelves for almost two weeks and haven’t received not a message or anything to let me know what’s going on. Caroline Cincotta. Thank uou

    1. I ordered the shelves too around 8 weeks ago and heard nothing.

      I’ve tried chasing it through an email address but again nothing.

      This company was advertising on Facebook- you think Facebook would only have legit companies on they’re platform.

      I’m sick of these fake companies on Facebook as I’m waiting for other items I used on Facebook……. so angry with Facebook right now for washing their hands of this kind of fraud.

    2. I have been waiting since March. I’ve been tracking it and it says that it’s at the airport now? But it’s been that way for about 4 days now

  2. I am attempting to purchase one item on Facebook.
    If you order 2,you get charged $9.99 for shipping.
    There is NO WAY I can change the total.
    Again I just want 1.

  3. I ordered shelves as well over a month ago. Have never recieved them. But they sure got their money. I emailed the Zoey email address attached to the conformation email with no response! What the hell is going on???

  4. All these people waiting for these shelves let me tell u ,after months of hasselling them with PayPal ,I finally got my supposed shelves they were plastic and a good prop for a barbie doll , now I have to try fight them on wrong product ! U have been warned , steer clear ! Buyer be ware ,kim

  5. I ordered 2 metal storage shelves and after numerous emails and being told that my order was on the way, I received 2 small plastic containers that you can buy at the 99 cents store. I emailed them back with pictures of what was delivered but no response. TOTAL SCAM. I will be following up to see what can be done legally about this

  6. i really think we all got scammed.. they get their money but we never get the products we ordered . They dont reply to any of the emails and i havent seen a phone number for customer support. This blows my top because i ordered 4 shelves 2 for me and one for each of my adult children for there places. How are we ever to trust any site online to order anything now days this is ridiculous.

  7. Hi i ordered my shelf in march, today it is end of june. What did i receive a toy sized shelf. Plastic small brackets to join 4 peices that are no bigger than a size of A4 paper. We all have been scammed. I have reported them to my credit card and filled a form to investigate and catch them. I orderd 3 shelf after seeing a video on face book.

  8. I ordered 2 x shelves in March they came couple of weeks ago. They were toys I am so angry. Surely something should be done about this it’s fraud.

  9. If you are waiting on shelves you will not get them I have been waiting since March and what I received today was something worth $0.99 and it’s not even a shelf it’s a basket that you put like two things in I am so pissed

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