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Aheadfeel com Reviews [June] Is this Site Trustworthy?

Aheadfeel com Reviews 2020

Aheadfeel com Reviews [June] Is this Site Trustworthy? -> This article is about a unique website that has been dealing with ladies headdresses and head accessories. Here we reveal some hidden facts of the site.  

Hey ladies!!! Are you trying to find out the most stunning women’s clothes, especially headsets for particular occasions? If so, it a challenging endeavour indeed. A number of websites are there on the digital platform that sells women’s clothes. But most buyers have no idea which one is correct. In this situation, many people become interested in Aheadfeel com.

However, before you choose it, do not forget to go through Aheadfeel com Reviews, before you make your first deal.

This website Aheadfeel is new in the field of e-commerce, and so not a massive number of people in the United States know about it. However, it has been cleared that the website deals with unique but much-needed products for costume parties or prom nights any related occasions.

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Is Aheadfeel.Com Legit?

From the sea of question about the website, is Aheadfeel.Com legit is the most common enquiry that most of the people want to know before that place their first order. As the site seems very new and the products are unique, a lot of products or website reviews are not there about the website. Therefore, you must look for the value as well as the factual data only. In this article, we are going to tell you the truth about the website, the sellers, products and their policies. So, keep reading, readers.

What is Aheadfeel.Com ? is a new online store that is dealing with women’s headdresses that are one of the most wanted products in any costume party or prom night.  It is a kind of head accessories for women that have grown up demand in the local market in the USA. The site is mostly concern about the head accessories, apart from the headdresses.

Specifications of Aheadfeel.Com:

  • Products: Headdresses and head accessories for women
  • Web address:
  • Email address:
  • Office address: Meghan Imfeld, 177 Meadow Lane, Long Lake, MN 55356 United States
  • Phone No.: (903) 292-9660
  • Shipping time: 6 to 8 business days
  • Shipping charge: $4.99
  • Delivery time: Few days after shipping
  • Return/ Refund: Return within 3o days from the shipping day. Refund will make in 1-2 business days.
  • Cancellation: Not mentioned
  • Exchange: Not mentioned
  • Mode of payment: PayPal

What are the positive aspects of Aheadfeel.Com?

  • You can purchase a different type of headdresses from different seize and design from this website.
  • The designs are flawless and accurate.
  • You may not get any issue in size.
  • It fit the head appropriately.
  • The site has a detail description of shipping and delivered locations on the website.
  • Deferent dimensions of the products are available here.
  • Costs are reasonable.

What are the negative aspects of Aheadfeel.Com?

  • Shipping may take a long time.
  • Delivery may delay due to weak logistic system.
  • There is no customer review section on the website.
  • Zero engagement in social sites.
  • No cash on the delivery system is available.
  • Only PayPal system is available among all of the online transactions.

Customer review on Aheadfeel.Com:

Technology has become smarter than one can think. As the website do not provide the proper information from the buyer’s side, we run some of the algorithm and SEO tools to check its parameter of trust.

As per the algorithms, the website is not older than six months. It is the main reasons why people are not talking about the site, even in the open forums on the internet. Also, the website is not found in the Alexa rating. On the contrary, it comes almost on the 4th or 5th page on Google or other SERP (Search Engine Result Pages).

Another red flag of the website is their indifference attitude on the existence of the social media pages like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

The final verdict:

Coming to the end, the website is not SSL protected, also not registered. Although the site does clarify its all policies (shipping, return, and privacy policies) very well, we do not have recent the buyers to purchase from the website because of its trust issue.

As our algorithm sows low raking on Google and no rank on Alexa, we do not declare as a scam or illicit. However, we do not recommend you to buy products from the website.

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  1. I purchased an item that I can no longer find on their website. I did a search and Aheadfeel came up I saw an item I wanted and ordered it, I feel like a stone cold fool for not checking the site out first. The only good thing is that Pay Pal can get my money back soon if they don’t deliver. This has taught me to watch out for scammers.

  2. I purchased an item that I can no longer find on their website. I did a search and Aheadfeel came up I saw an item I wanted and ordered it, I feel like a stone cold fool for not checking the site out first. The only good thing is that Pay Pal can get my money back soon if they don’t deliver. This has taught me to watch out for scammers.

  3. They also have a lapidary machine listed at $94.99 that is usually over $400. The only way it is found is by doing a search of lapidary machines and it shows up on their site but there is no heading links to it. I’ve tried emailing……no response. I’ve tried calling…..the phone is listed as coming from Texas…..line always busy.
    Their business is listed as being in MN but when I google the name Meghan Imfeld she is listed as anywhere but and not as a business owner.
    I would not recommend purchasing anything from this site.

  4. I have been scammed in this site for of $114.00. The twist here is that when you make a purchase, without you knowing it, the transaction is made to look like it went through Amazon or an affiliate. This becomes VERY relevant when you contact UPS and ask to investigate their “tracking number” when you received nothing.. surprisingly UPS stops any investigation when it believes it came from Amazon (company policy) leaving you powerless to have some proof.. and when you complain to PayPal they side with the seller because they said they provided “proof” of a tracking number and delivery date… very clever how this scammer uses UPS and PayPal’s own policy methods to leave you without recourse….

  5. I ordered sound deadening material from through PayPal. PayPal send me an email with the transaction details and a USPS tracking number. After some time I logged on to the USPS website to check the status of the package and it had said that it was delivered; which it wasn’t. I called USPS they said that it was delivered in my town, but to a different address (which they can’t disclose, reasonable). I’ve emailed this company, nothing, tried to call, busy signal, nut can’t contact them for information. A google map investigation shows a very nice suburban neighborhood but nothing that resembles a business front (not a strong argument). Further research on the line turned up a Better Business Bureau alert for this business.
    As Tom the cat, from Tom and Jerry says “DON’T YOU BELIEVE IT!”
    These scoundrels are most likely fraudsters.

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