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Admitae com Reviews [May] Pros & Cons of Shopping Here

Admitae com Reviews 2020

Admitae com Reviews [May] Pros & Cons of Shopping Here -> In this article, you will read about a website offering a wide range of products.  

What makes a website legit? The answer is ‘reviews.’ To satisfy you with the information of Admitae, we bring forward to you the Admitae com Reviews. 

Online websites have made life more comfortable and affordable.  Be it shopping or getting any knowledge; it is more accessible through the web. You get all the essentials online nowadays. From items related to home decor or products for self- grooming are all available online. 

Online websites also provide discounts or products at a low cost. One such site that has a wide range of products is It is an e-commerce store that fulfills the daily requirements of a person. They deliver throughout the world, including the United State.

Here, let us find what this website is about and if it is genuine for the shoppers.   

What is Admitae? is an e-commerce website that offers a wide range of products throughout the world, including the United State. Their ‘About Us’ page states that they provide premium quality products at a pocket-friendly price. The collection list on the home page showcase the products related to Keychain, Decorative Lights, and Christmas Series along with the featured collection such as Magic hangers and Beard Set Tool Comb. 

The company aims to provide all the custom products which include every profession, hobby, sports, passion, or anything you want. You will get all the products from clothing, kitchen appliances, food, gadgets, and other items. 

The Admitae com Reviewsshow that this website accepts various currencies such as GBP, USD, CAD, EUR, etc. Also, they have multiple payment modes, such as Visa Card, PayPal, MasterCard, Maestro Card, and American Express.  

One can also subscribe to their newsletter to get a notification through mail about the addition of any new product. 

Let us look forward to the specifications of the website and what its pros and cons are. 


  • Website link:
  • Website type: Website selling a wide variety of products
  • Shipping time: Within 24 hours
  • Delivery time: 3-7 days, international 12-20 days
  • Cancellation: Applicable if claimed before shipment
  • Exchange: Not mentioned on the website
  • Return: Applicable within 14 days of receiving the product
  • Refund: If applicable, processed through email
  • Shipping cost: Free shipping on all orders over $40
  • Company address: Missing from the site
  • Email address:
  • Contact No.: Not provided
  • Mode of payment: Visa Card, PayPal, MasterCard, Maestro Card, American Express

Who is Admitae for

This website is suitable for everyone with passion, hobbies, interested in any sport, decor, etc. The site delivers everything from lights to decorate your homes to apparel.

However, before making any decision to purchase their products, let us first know about its pros and cons below.


  • They provide a wide range of products.
  • There is no hustle and bustle in placing an order.
  • They have products at a meager price. 
  • Online tracking system is also available for the customers to track their orders.
  • The website is SSL certified and thus has an HTTP protocol to ensure the safety of all payment details.
  • They have specified all the details regarding the policies.


  • Cash on delivery is not available.
  • The website does not showcase the contact number to connect with the company’s customer care service provider.
  • The address of the company is missing.
  • The content is copied from another website.
  • The social media links are missing from the website.
  • The website has no feedback on the Web Of Trust(WOT).
  • There are other suspicious sites hosted on the same server.
  • They use free email (Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook).
  • The website is not experiencing high traffic. 
  • The owner’s information is missing.


According to the pros and cons above, the website seems to have missed out on the necessary information. The contact information provided is not enough to rely on the company. Unlike other legit sites, this website uses a free email, which raises a question mark on the authenticity of the website. 

There are no reviews on the website or anywhere online about the company and its products. Neither they have any review section for the customers. 

There are so many points due to which the legitimacy of this website can be questioned.


With all the information gathered above, the reviews seem to be going against this website. Therefore, we do not recommend this website as of now. 

Have you had any experience with this website yet? Do share with us in the comments section below, if any.

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  1. Total scam I placed an order on 4th April. They took $212.76. from my credit card Now. July 1st and no goods have arrived. Puts me off every buying anything on the internet

  2. DO NOT ORDER from them!!! I’ve been waiting on a SNES for 2 months already after paying the “express” shipping.

  3. Do NOT order from them, I ordered the SNES as well and they sent me a garbage classic NES model without the hdmi. It is a complete different model than ordered. All they do is continue to argue over and over. I have a case open with paypal with them and they still blame me for the mistake they made. I sent the order number and receipt like everything to them and they won’t supply the right item nor will they give a full refund like the site says. Disgusting display of selling. MY bad for not looking further into their credibility. Scammers, I hate them.

  4. I ordered a mini snes I received the item.. But here’s the thing.. I’m expecting SNES games in the mini SNES.. When I turn it on to begin to play it had NES games rather than SNES.. In other words their advertisement video had made this product fake.. Hence, FALSE ADVERTISEMENT!! I’M HOPING I CAN GET A REFUND.. IF NOT, THEN I GOT DUPPED FOR 66$😓

  5. DO NOT BUY FROM THESE GUYS. is a total scam. I ordered SNES console, it took 3months+ to arrive, by then I had moved flats and I try to contact the vendor to change the address. They essentially wash their hands form the matter. No support whatsoever. I lost the order and the money.

  6. They are a scum you order some thing they don’t send you the product, then PayPal turns around an tells you the only way to get your money back is to send the items back to sender. Which you can’t because they never send you the items in the first place.

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