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Adkmus Reviews (July 2020) Is It A Fake Scam Or Legit?

Adkmus Reviews 2020

Adkmus Reviews (July 2020) Is It A Fake Scam Or Legit? In this review, you read about an e-commerce store that vends all types of doorknobs. 

Are you tired of people trying to scam you online? If your answer is yes, read this review and make sure that you don’t get fooled. 

The United States is the home to so many online businesses, so many that we sometimes wholly overlook if most of them are safe and secure. With one offering prices less than the other, the internet is flooded with products that people don’t necessarily require but are tricked into buying. 

As our team was looking for websites selling such products and websites, we stumbled upon Adkmus. While it sells a very odd range of products, it forced us to ask ourselves- Is Adkmus Legit? 

The Adkmus Reviews objects to give you an answer to the question above. We give you our word that this report is 100% authentic, and after you read it thoroughly, you won’t have any confusion about this website. So, read it until the end. 

What is Adkmus com?

Adkmus is an online store in the United States that oddly specializes in door knob covers. It has beautifully decorated doorknob covers, some even in Christmas and Easter theme. There are various styles to choose from as well. 

The number of listed products is limited to 13, and they are not described. However, the prices seem to be fairly reasonable. 


    • Website URL
    • Phone– (614) 975-7696
    • Address– 1658 North Milwaukee #406, Chicago, IL 60647 United States

  • Mode of payment- Credit card payments using Pay Pal

  • Beneficiary– Paul Skibickyj
  • Delivery– free on orders above $50
  • Processing time– 24-48 hours
  • Standard Shipping– within 3-8 working days within the United States 
  • Return– within 30 days of purchase
  • International Shipping- 5-15 days
  • Exchange- Yes
  • Refund– within 15 days of return
  • Email–  

What are the PROs of Adkmus com?

  • The products are inexpensive and, thus, affordable.
  • They ship to eight countries other than the United States.
  • They provide 24*7 customer support.
  • The website also promises a 100% money-back guarantee.

What are the CONs of Adkmus com?

  • The contact number is fake.
  • The office address is also false.
  • The site is only 28 days old.
  • None of the Web of Trust users has provided ratings for the website.
  • Poor reviews on the internet.

Is Adkmus legit or scam?

Before we commence the Adkmus Reviews, we should notify you that our team of professionals check and recheck everything that goes into our articles. We try to look at things from the customer’s perspective and put out factual content for you. We attempt to spot the slightest specifics of the website. So, let’s get started.

There are quite a few subjects that we would like to talk about with you. First of all, the website was put up on the internet 28 days ago, the 23rd of June, 2020. We do not believe in trusting any site which is not even three months old as they might be involved in fraud. 

Next, some of the most crucial information put out for the customers is fake. The contact number and the official address are bogus. We looked into the address and found no reference of Adkmus. 

Finally, we find it hard to believe that a website will sell doorknob covers and kayaks simultaneously. Even if we overlook the odd selection of products, most of the items are unbelievably low. We do not think that a young website like so, will sell a kayak at $99.  

After all these explanations, we conclude that it is a scam and not legit, and you should avoid spending on this website.

What are people speaking about Adkmus com?

When our team went out looking for testimonials or Adkmus Reviews on the internet and social media, they found it was not satisfying. Although there are no customer reviews for the website or its products, video reviews state that Adkmus is not trustworthy. One even said that it might be involved in trading Credit Card details for scams. We can now say that the people of the United States are not happy with this website. 

Final Verdict

You must have realized after reading the review that Adkmus is not a safe shopping destination. It is very suspicious and might be involved in credit card fraud. We would suggest you opt for some other legitimate website. 

We hope that the Adkmus Reviews facilitated ethical decision making on your end. This review was wholly based on shreds of evidence that we uncovered while going through the website, the cyberspace, and social media platforms. We tried to be as systematic and inclusive as probable, but you can use our comment section to speak out your thoughts. 

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  1. Ordered a bike. No confirmation was emailed. Money was taken out of Paypal account. I wrote support to ask for confirmation. The next day my email to support bounced as undeliverable and I was sent, through PayPal, a tracking number for my “shipped” item that said it was delivered a week before I ordered the item. I emailed the person that was listed as receiving the money, the email was quite suspect. No response. I filed a resolution with PayPal one day after I “purchased” the bike. Very much a scam.

  2. This is a scam. I placed two orders in one day since they said the offer had to be below $100… No confirmation were emailed. Money was taken. PayPal emailed me with the tracking number for one of my orders and when I checked it said the package was delivered 5 days before I placed my order!! I heard nothing regarding my second order. Later I filed a resolution with PayPal and am still waiting for the the result. I checked with USPS regarding the tracking number and as per their record the package was delivered to another address… I told USPS about the suspected scam too.


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