48 Mobile Reviews (Sep 2020) Let Us Talk About It!

48 Mobile Reviews 2020

48 Mobile Reviews (Sep 2020) Let Us Talk About It! >> This article will tell you about a SIM operator that offers affordable plans. Please check the details now.

48 Mobile Reviews: Data and the internet have now become an integral part of our lives. Smartphones have enabled us to access the internet quickly anywhere we are. Mobile data is instrumental in this process. Telecom operators and ISPs are responsible for giving us this data. Good coverage ensures that you’ll enjoy faster speeds in any location. Your SIM operator must have an excellent range. 

One such operator is 48 Mobile. Their plans are affordable, and their network coverage is brilliant. Several reviews tell us that they come with many unique features for their customers absent from other operators.

They offer many features like sharing data to friends on the same network, turning excess minutes into data, etc. in Ireland. If you want to know more about its services, keep reading this article as we’re going to reveal all the relevant information.

What is 48 Mobile?

48 Mobile is a SIM operator in Ireland that was launched in 2012. They also used to operate under the name 48 Months but later changed their name. They offer affordable plans, whether they are tariff plans or internet plans. 

Their network coverage is also impressive as they claim to cover about 98% of the country. Several 48 Mobile Reviews reveal that they also have many unique features as the company wants to offer its customer flexibility with their services.

Services offered by 48 Mobile

As many 48 Mobile Reviews give us the information, this company previously operated under the name of 48 Months. They stopped working some time ago and are now making a comeback with the title 48. Some of its features are:

  • Their plans are very cheap and affordable and give tough competition to other ISPs.
  • Their network coverage is impressive, and they claim to have 98% coverage in Ireland.
  • One of their most unique features is that they don’t limit the expiry of data.
  • They offer complete control over your data.
  • Unused data can be saved or even carried to the following month.
  • The unused data can also be gifted.
  • They ensure a secure connection with fast 4G speeds.
  • They allow users to try their network before using it and becoming a member.
  • You can get a month’s worth of data free as part of the trial.
  • If you can get any friends to join the network, both of you are eligible for a month of free data.
  • You can also donate your data to a charity, specifically the FoodCloud, where they turn your data into a donation.
  • Your old number can also be easily swapped to their service.
  • Their customer service is also excellent.

Final Verdict

Accessing the internet remotely on your Smartphone is considered one of the most significant technological advancements of our time. In a situation where all major events are occurring online, you need a SIM operator or ISP that offers fast speeds and adequate coverage. 

48 Mobile is one of them as they’re affordable, and 48 Mobile Reviews tell us that their network coverage is also exceptional.

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