16kweekly com {Nov 2020} Alert-Don’t Divulge in Trap!

16kweekly com 2020

16kweekly com {Nov 2020} Alert-Don’t Divulge in Trap! >> Read about website that redirects itself to another suspicious website for making money, stay away.

The world is currently facing a Covid-19 pandemic. And to curb this pandemic, many countries, along with the United States, have decided to impose lockdowns. The economy of these countries is being affected, and this has claimed a lot of jobs.

Are you also facing adversities? Are you looking for ways to cope with this stress?

16kweekly comstarted trending because you are not only in your search to find alternatives. Many people are searching for other ways to get a little more income, and this website claims to provide people with those alternate options. But is this website delivering its claims? Let’s find out!

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What is 16kweekly?

It is a website that gets redirect to when it is opened on any browser. This makes this website suspicious to use. Prosperity warrior is a website that was created on April 17, 2020. The registrar of this website is NameCheap, Inc. All these details don’t match with the website 16kweekly com at all.

But since the pandemic has left countless people jobless and without money, many people are looking for other ways to earn money; they are not looking into the details. We are highlighting all the details here so that you can look into them and don’t have to worry about searching them on your own.

What exactly is happening?

When you try to access the website, it is getting redirected to Prosperity warrior com, a website that features a way for people to earn money. The website features a way for people without technical experience to make around $7000 a month, even in this pandemic. Since 7000$ a month is a considerable amount, 16kweekly com started trending in the United States.

But on clicking the free access, there is no new page opening, and the website redirects itself to the same page. After intensive research, we found that Prosperity warrior com says that their advertisers and sponsors are only promoting these earnings as catchy statements.

What is people’s reaction to this event?

The Covid-19 pandemic has a bit a significant hit in many countries, and people have suffered considerable job losses and are now financially broke. They are looking for any way which helps them to earn money during these unprecedented times. And therefore, websites such as 16kweekly com are trending. Although people have commented about their views openly, many of them are worried. Such websites are only for fooling people and will further deplete them of money and resources.

The website doesn’t open and redirects to another website, which says that their advertisers and sponsors are only promoting these earnings and incomes as catchy statements.


We understand that people are worried and scared. They don’t know when this pandemic will end and have faced job losses. Therefore, they are looking for other sources of income. But we would suggest our readers stay away from websites like 16kweekly com. The website doesn’t open and is redirecting itself, and this makes it very suspicious.

Do let us know your experiences with this website in the comments below.

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