Smooth Creations is pleased to announce an exclusive partnership with Hypersonic PC.

Smooth Creations is pleased to announce an exclusive partnership with Hypersonic PC, the award-winning manufacturer of the world’s highest quality performance PC and laptop systems. Hypersonic stands out throughout the gaming PC industry as the leader in quality, performance and innovation, and a partnership with Smooth Creations, the company known for stunningly-brilliant custom finishes, is only natural.

Work has continued behind the scenes for months to develop this partnership, and both parties are excited about the future ahead.

“Hypersonic is thrilled to announce this partnership. We have a high regard for the artists at Smooth Creations and respect their attention to detail”, said Fred Kohen, President of Hypersonic. He continued, stating, “At Hypersonic, we treat each system as a piece of artwork, and we feel that the outside of our systems should parallel their inner craftsmanship. By employing only the most skilled artisans, Smooth Creations certainly meets our high standards.”

The Marketing Team at Smooth Creations, agrees. “For years, Hypersonic has been known as the pinnacle of performance and quality, and we are excited to associate ourselves with such a dominant force. When you combine Hypersonics ability to deliver an award-winning line of performance laptops and PCs, and our position as the obvious choice in custom painted graphics for PCs and laptops, it’s easy to see that this partnership will result in fascinating new level of customization and power for Hypersonic’s customers.”

Smooth Creations’ custom finishes are available throughout Hypersonic’s powerful line of Aviator laptops, and Sonic Boom and Cyclone family of desktops. With this partnership, PC users that desire the very best in performance can customize their laptop or desktop by choosing from an infinite number of color options, custom graphics, logos and even choose features only available to top-tier automotive finishing companies, like metallic flake, pearl coatings, and sparkling crushed glass additives. In addition, Smooth Creations is proud to offer completely custom airbrushed designs, like our famous “American Pride” design – something no one else can offer.

Visit Hypersonic at www.hypersonic-pc.com for more information, or call 1-800-520-0498.

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