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AMD’s Seventeen feature

Smooth Creations quality custom laptop finishes has been featured before millions of readers in Seventeen magazine!

Recently, Smooth Creations was contacted by Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) to show off the power of an AMD processor for a contest by Seventeen magazine.

“Today, more consumers, especially teenagers, are tailoring their PCs to fit their lifestyle, making the item reflect their personality and style.” Says Patrick Moorhead, Vice President, Global Marketing, Microprocessor Business Unit, Computation Products Group. “AMD64 technology provides consumers with the ultimate mobile technology experience, providing 64-bit computing capabilities, wireless compatibility and enhanced security within whatever color notebook they desire.”

The British Racing Green finish was featured in tandem recently with the St. Patrick’s day season, and custom logo graphics for AMD were featured on the inside of the Averatec laptop.

This giveaway, sponsored in part by AMD, Averatec and Smooth Creations, will result in some lucky Seventeen reader enjoying first-hand the beauty of Smooth Creations work.

Remember – when AMD wants to show off the best they have to offer, they turn to the experience and craftsmanship of Smooth Creations. Ask yourself, what is your laptop showing off?

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50 Cent orders 50 DS’

These systems were specially painted by Smooth Creations for a good friend of ours. You may have heard of him?, his name is “50 Cent”.

smooth graces the console gaming market with the new hand held from Nintendo. The Nintendo DS. These systems were specially painted by Smooth Creations for a good friend of ours. You may have heard of him, his name is “50 Cent”. You might have seen his videos on MTV or his picture bearing the name “G Unit” while passing by your local Foot Locker shoe store. Where do the most famous celebrities turn for the best hand painted finishes on their gaming equipment? Who else is there?

These DS’s are done up in the G Unit’s signature camo. This paint job is a tricoat pearl with plenty of clear coat. Branded on the lid right above the Nintendo badge is “G Unit” logo.

As you can see here this isn’t a quick once over. Every bit of this unit is covered in Smooth quality. From top to bottom the system was carefully disassembled by our expert technicians to get every corner covered with color.

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