Behind the scenes with Smooth

We get a lot of questions about where we’re from and the roots of our trade, as well as the equipment we use and processes in which we use them. Get a first hand look in the upcoming months with pictures and reviews step by step as we start our next project entitled, “The Other Side of Smooth Creations”

It all started when a member of the Smooth Creations team bet me I could not find a car and build it to be a show winner for under 7k. This is something we have done before many times, but with a budget of 80k and up. Trying to find a car, restore it, and add all the eye catching goodies and gadgets is going to be quite a challenge with only 7,000 bucks on hand. So, of course, loving a good challenge, I accepted the bet thinking it would be a great way to show the modding group what we do on the other side.

There is going to be a lot of work involved in the project. Some of the things we plan on doing are, 1. Buying the car 2. Tear Down 3. Paint 4. Motor Work 5. Interior 6. Wheels and Tires, and of course 7. Electronics – LCD, DVD, computer system, etc. As we begin this adventure we invite you to join us. There will be a new topic open in the Forums under the heading ‘Projects’ and ‘The Other Side of SC’ for all your feedback. Stay tuned, we’re off to find a car!

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